January 7, 2016

What To Expect At Affiliate Summit West 2016 This Weekend


Each year in Las Vegas, hundreds of people and companies converge onto Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West. Founded in 2003 by Missy Ward and Shawn Collins, Affiliate Summit West and East (which will take place in New York City later on in the year) are considered the biggest conferences for affiliate marketers in the country.

2016’s edition promises to deliver the same level of networking opportunities, professional talks, education sessions, and more.

Steve Katz, who oversees partner marketing efforts at buyCalls, has been attending Affiliate Summit for the past several years, calling it “a great environment conducive to meeting new potential partners and catching up with current clients.”

With the event sold out, Affiliate Summit West begins this Sunday, January 10th, and goes until the 12th. Here are a few highlights and points-of-interest surrounding this year.

1. Kerri Pollard and Greg Gifford will deliver this year’s keynotes

Attendees can look forward to former CJ Marketplace President Kerri Pollard and DealerOn’s Greg Gifford as this year’s keynote speakers.

Pollard, who is widely recognized for her success in attracting more than 3,000 advertisers and 70,000 active publishers during her tenure at CJ Marketplace, has more than sixteen years of experience and knowledge within the affiliate sector, according to Affiliate Summit’s website.

As for Gifford, attendees of his keynote can expect a more online marketing-focused talk, but it’s something that should not be missed. At DealerOn, a software company that helps new car dealerships with their digital marketing efforts, Gifford has served as Director of Search and Social. Like Pollard, Gifford has sixteen years of experience as an online marketer.

Even if Gifford’s talk is not strictly focused on the affiliate space, his invitation to speak this year reflects on the growing need for affiliate marketers to better understand search engine marketing.

2. Discussions on mobile commerce, SEO tactics, ad blocking (Just a taste)

If there’s anything that Affiliate Summit West won’t be this year, it’s one-sided. Attendees can expect dozens of talks and round table discussions that cover a wide variety of topics. A few items of note:

  • Live SEO & Monetization Site Reviews – Session 1c on Sunday will feature a one-hour SEO & monetization site review session featuring three industry experts. The session will include Kenny Hyder, Scott Polk, and Adam Riemer. Attendees will have the opportunity to have their website reviewed with better SEO practices in mind.
  • Ad Block and the Future of Digital Advertising – As ad blocking software continues to rise across the Web, marketers are growing more concerned. This session by Hanna Kassis will look at the controversy, as well as adaptations that can be made today.

The entire agenda for this year can be viewed here

3. Early access to slides from this year’s talks

Want to get an idea of what some of the talks will be like this year? Affiliate Summit’s Facebook and Twitter page rolled out a bunch of SlideShare links last week that give attendees a comprehensive review of what some of this year’s talks will contain.

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Thank you for coming to Affiliate Summit and posting the slides and a few not-to-miss sessions. We hope to see you in NYC in July.

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