June 26, 2015

Search News Roundup: Friday, June 26

So much is happening in the world of digital marketing. What have you missed?

This week’s roundup will help you determine the best time to publish your blog posts, walk you through a new Google patent that has the power to affect marketers, bring you up-to-date on Facebook’s new immersive mobile ads and skyrocketing video rankings, and more!



Where is Matt Cutts? An SEO industry comic book from the team at Ignite Visibility.

Matt Cutts Extends His Unpaid Leave With Google Through 2015

Matt Cutts, Google’s former head of search spam, is still MIA (sort of). Earlier this week on TWIT.TV, he said that he was approved to extend his leave through the end of 2015.

Matt has been on leave since July 2014, then extended his leave back in October. About a month ago, rumors spread that Matt had been officially replaced as the head of web spam, but Google will not disclose any names. (Search Engine Land)


Infographic: The Growth of Video Advertising

Video advertising is the future—and the present—for media executives frustrated with low revenues. Here’s a graphic, with data courtesy of eMarketer, showing how video has grown in online ad spending. It’s the kind of money that’s impossible to ignore. (Mashable)


Video: How Google May Use Searcher, Usage, & Clickstream Behavior to Impact Rankings

A recent patent from Google suggests a new kind of influence in the rankings that has immense implications for marketers.

In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Moz’s Rand Fishkin discusses what it says, what that means, and adds a twist of his own to get us thinking about where Google might be heading. (Moz)



Facebook’s Chris Cox talking about better mobile ads at Cannes Lions, via Adweek.

Facebook’s Immersive Mobile Ads Finally Give Brands the Creative They Want

In a presentation at Cannes Lions this week, Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox showed ad buyers mock-ups of a new mobile format that takes over a screen after a user clicks on it from the news feed. Once a promo is expanded, it turns into a browsable mini-website. (Adweek)


Infographic: When is the Best Time to Publish a Blog Post?

Here’s the scenario. You have just written the blog post of a lifetime. The one that you know has the potential to go viral on social media. The one that you know will drive a lot of qualified traffic to your website generating leads and ultimately sales. You’ve optimized it for search, checked it twice for grammatical errors, and you’re ready to schedule it to go live.

Then you stop. Because it’s at this point, you ask yourself the ultimate question – when. When is the best time to publish an amazing blog post? What day of the week? What time? What timezone? (CoSchedule)


Facebook Is Catching Up To YouTube In Video Advertising Arms Race

YouTube has a nearly decade-long head start over Facebook in the online video race, but the social network is catching up quickly.

According to a recent survey and market research by Ampere Analysis, Facebook is primed to rack up two thirds as many video views as Google’s network in 2015 — two trillion views compared to three trillion on YouTube. As recently as the third quarter of 2014, Facebook trailed YouTube in views by a factor of 9x.

And because of that reach and momentum in growth, Facebook stands to become a more serious contender in the battle for share in the lucrative video advertising market. (Marketing Land)



Micro-moments: Google lists common “weekend near me” searches.

The Most Expensive States for Paid Search in the US

Depending on the state you’re advertising in, your cost per click’s (CPC) could range from as high as 78 percent above the national average all the way down to 65 percent less. (Search Engine Watch)


People Solve Unexpected Problems In-the-Moment

Google has coined the term “micro moments” to describe highly motivated short bursts of activity when consumers turn to their mobile devices to quickly access information or take action. Here, Google shows us how smartphones let us make purchases whenever we need, wherever we are. (Think with Google)

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