February 10, 2015

Local Marketing: Why Online Reviews Matter

Back in the day, businesses could get by on word of mouth. Shoppers would pass storefronts on their way around town, step in, have a positive experience, and return.

Now, with large corporations and online marketplaces offering so much, so fast, for so cheap, local businesses must work to capture the attention—and loyalty—of potential customers. Luckily, many are still dedicated to shopping at a local level.

So how do you influence buying behavior?

Marketing locally involves many tools and tactics.Today we’re talking about the importance of online reviews.

Google reports that 72% of consumers who search for local information on a smartphone visit a store within five miles. But how many times have you typed a simple topic into Google—”coffee, Raleigh, NC,” for example—only to click on the result with the best Google or Yelp rating?

online-reviews infographic

It’s a fact: nearly 1 in 10 consumers uses the internet to find a local business every day, and nearly 60% are swayed by customer reviews online.

1. Are you actively asking customers for reviews on purchases and products?

2. Does your business have a user-/mobile-friendly site?

If not, get started. We’ll be talk more about local marketing in blog posts to come!


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