October 7, 2014

Horses, Mules and Races: Not Your Typical Community Event

Diane Stephens, buyCalls’s Administrative Accounting Assistant is great at punching numbers and balancing our books— but in her free time, she’s all about community involvement. Her love for horses, mules and donkeys led way for her to become a local member of the Sandhills TREC NC. (TREC stands for Techniques de Rondonee Equestre de Competition.)

And this past weekend, a special triple event took place among her organization and two others. The event, “The “TREC Driving Obstacle Challenge and Pleasure Drive” took place in Wagram, NC and was hosted by the Old Glory Legacy Foundation, a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that brings military service members and their families together through equines and the outdoors.

There, TREC NC ran a two-day combined riding/driving event, while the NC Work Horse and Mule Association gathered to enjoy their animals and friends. The North Carolina Work Horse and Mule Association was founded back in 1999, after plowing interests grew stronger in the eastern part of North Carolina. At public events, the organization often demonstrates authentic and modern farming practices and provide wagon rides.

At this particular event this past weekend, a rainy Friday night brought a magnificent, action-packed weekend! And while there were plenty of competitions throughout the two days, buyCalls is proud to announce that Diane and her donkey, Pearl came in 1st place during Saturday’s 12-obstacle driving competition. Way to get that blue ribbon!

With the great turnout, the Old Glory Legacy Foundation has proven to be a wonderful location to hold events. Please show your support for them in any way possible— this important organization cannot exist with your help. And TREC NC is most grateful for their gracious hospitability and help in allowing their competition to run so smoothly. Thank you Diane Stephens for your involvement with these great organizations! buyCalls is always looking to either sponsor or take part in different organizations or events. Feel free to contact us regarding any future opportunities!


To learn more about the Old Glory day Legacy Foundation, visit https://www.oglfoundation.org/. For TREC USA, visit http://www.trec-usa.org/; and http://ncworkhorseandmulesassociation.org/ for the North Carolina Work Horse and Mule Association.


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