November 26, 2014

Five Reasons We’re Thankful to Be in Southern Pines

buyCalls building

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and, like most, it’s got us thinking about gratitude.

We’re grateful for our partners and clients and our fun-loving crew, of course. But we’re grateful for something else: Our community. We’re grateful to be located in Southern Pines.

The truth is, buyCalls is spread across the country—from eastern North Carolina to Minnesota and Colorado—but Southern Pines is where we congregate. It’s our home, and we’re happy to call it that.


1. An active community

Our town is a hidden gem of sorts, and part of its allure is the result of community members who strive to make it a better, safer, healthier, and more beautiful place for the rest of us. Keep Moore County Beautiful helps keep Southern Pines clean and litter-free; the Weymouth Center supports arts and culture in our area; Sandhills Race Series keeps us active; and the Boys & Girls Club of the Sandhills helps ensure a brighter future for kids in the region. And those are just a handful of our favorites.

swank menu2. Great local businesses

We’re located right on Broad Street, which means we’re surrounded on all sides by unique locally-owned businesses. Whether we’re stopping by The Country Bookshop for a new read, gathering for a meeting and some delicious coffee at Swank, grabbing lunch at Betsy’s Crepes, or swinging by Southern Pines Growler Company after work, we know we’re supporting local business owners who are as happy as we are to reside in the Sandhills.

3. Beautiful scenery

Some of us are runners. Others, hunters, golfers, cyclists, and animal owners. So we’re grateful to live in an area with abundant running trails; scenic, low-traffic neighborhoods; endless golf courses; and enough open land for anyone looking to ride horses, raise animals, or enjoy life in the country.

4. Tradition

Southern Pines is steeped in history and tradition (did we mention Weymouth used to be a hangout for folks like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Thomas Wolfe?), and one of them is set to happen this week. The Blessing of the Hounds, a gathering of hunters and hounds, is celebrating its 100th year this Thanksgiving. Each year, hundreds of riders and guests come out in formal hunting attire and partake in one of the country’s oldest private hunts. It’s a tradition as beloved as Thanksgiving itself.

Brick wall with graffiti that says "Listening is a sign of love"5. Small town, big heart

On the side of our office building is a bit of graffiti. Listening is a sign of love, it says, which is pretty indicative of what life is like in Southern Pines. Step into the nearest retailer and you’ll be asked with genuine care about your day. Also, how’s your family doing, and are you checking out the film at Sunrise Theater tonight? You’ll always see friends congregating happily in coffee shops and families walking cheerfully down Broad Street, because everyone’s aim is the same: to support one another.

We couldn’t ask for more.


Happy Thanksgiving from the team at buyCalls!

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