September 5, 2014

buyCalls Cheering on Friend and Partner Matt Curtis As He Takes on the Wasatch 100

Today, the buyCalls team is excited to cheer on friend and partner Matt Curtis as he takes on the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run.

getfitStretching from East Mountain Wilderness Park, Utah, to Soldier Hollow, Utah, the run covers beautiful Wasatch Mountain scenery—while challenging runners to a cumulative elevation gain of approximately 25,763 feet, as well as a cumulative elevation loss of 25,252 feet throughout. “One hundreds miles of heaven and hell” is Wasatch 100’s tagline—it’s a course that will test the endurance of any runner.

Matt’s first 100-miler was the equally extreme Leadville 100 in the Colorado Rockies. Check him out in the Leadville 100 photo up top—he’s on the left, rocking the white buyCalls getFit shirt. We’re sending good energy his way today and looking forward to hearing the story of his run when he’s back!

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