January 15, 2015

bC Day: A Fond Look Back at 2014

It’s halfway through the first month of the New Year and things are looking bright at buyCalls! We’ve been working on new partnerships, have acquired some new (and impressive websites), but honestly it’s hard to not look back and see the fun we had all together right before the holidays. As you may know, half of the buyCalls team works remotely— we have people working out of Raleigh & Greensboro, NC, Minneapolis, MN and Denver, CO. So, it’s a rare opportunity to have all of us under one roof! We actually love working together, so having real face-to-face interaction is a real treat.

On December 19th, we all met at the buyCalls office for what would be an epic day for the memory books. Feel free to let us know what you did for your office’s holiday party. Here’s what happened at ours.

1) Holiday Potluck



From ham, turkey, veggies, pies and cake—we had a great assortment of holiday dishes (even gluten-free items). With Elf, starring Will Farrell playing in the background, all was right. We thought we couldn’t do any better than movie-watching and good food, but we were wrong. This was only the beginning of a truly wonderful day.

2) Dirty Santa

As marketing folk, we are highly competitive— so when we see something that we like, we go for it. Dirty Santa was no exception. No present was safe, even despite the best of poker faces.

3) Scavenger Hunt Throughout the Southern Pines Business District

Collage 3


Southern Pines has a wonderful, close-knit community. The buyCalls office is fortunate to be located at the heart of the business district, which consists of many local shops, restaurants and other one-of-a-kind locations. Before we embarked on our scavenger hunt, we were split into two teams with separate missions. Each item on the list had all of us racing and ducking inside of these establishments— each of which were happy to assist with our antics. They were obviously amused by it all.

Let’s just say the winning team left the other in the dust (sadly, I was with the former)…but in all good fun, we were all victorious in our own way. Laughter, teamwork and trust are valuable commodities for any workplace, and we certainly have those.

4) Team Pedicures



Literally 30 minutes after the scavenger hunt ended, we had a surprise group pedicure appointment at a local nail salon. We thought we might be a little much for the salon people, but they awaited us and joked with us the whole time. I think everyone half expected the bC guys to forgo any nail polish, but we were wrong. bC green was the number one paint selection that day—and he guys hobbled around on their sparkly bright green toes. All of us had a huge smile on our faces. Just take a look:

Collage 1
Collage 2

As you can see, the bC team closed 2014 with a bang. We have high expectations for what 2015 will bring. Feel free to contact us, and let’s make 2015 spectacular together.


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