January 30, 2017

Affiliate Summit & Leads Con: Are They Worth Attending?

Affiliate marketers are constantly in search of their next connection, and the methods to make that happen can steer down in a multitude of directions. But it could be argued that all players within the performance and affiliate marketing space put a lot of faith in attending conferences to establish their most promising connections.

Two conferences, Affiliate Summit and LeadsCon, tend to be at the top of the list for many marketers looking to form new partnerships. With Affiliate Summit West 2017 having just wrapped up earlier this month, and registration nearing the end for LeadsCon Las Vegas, some marketers may wonder whether or not investing time and money into such conferences is really worth it.

Opinions run high in the affiliate marketing world, and the spectrum of how people perceive conferences is rather wide. While your own level of preparation will determine the how much you get out of affiliate conferences, zeroing in on Affiliate Summit and LeadsCon may help you decide if attending bigger conferences such as these is really worth it.

First, let’s give a little synopsis about both conferences:

Affiliate Summit


No matter how long you have been in affiliate marketing for, there’s a good chance that you’re familiar with Affiliate Summit. Founded in 2003 by Missy Ward and Shawn Collins, the conference has grown into the largest affiliate conference in the country.

Two major Affiliate Summits now happen each year, one in New York City and one in Las Vegas. Smaller offshoots called Performance Marketing Summits have also left a mark in cities such as Austin, Denver, Chicago, and Toronto.



Similar to Affiliate Summit, LeadsCon hosts two conferences per year – one in New York and the other in Las Vegas. With a focus on performance and direct response marketing, LeadsCon gives attendees the chance to hear more than one hundred marketing leaders speak, as well as an open door to a multitude of partnership opportunities.




Huge Networking Opportunity

This essentially goes without saying, as it is the arguably the main reason why attendees go to any affiliate conference. But what sets Affiliate Summit and LeadsCon apart from the rest is the sheer volume of participants.

According to the official Affiliate Summit website, this year’s East Summit (ASE) in New York City is expected to have more than 5,500 participants from over 70 countries.

LeadsCon sees more than 1,700 attendees at its New York installation, and more than 2,800 in Las Vegas.

Get A Better Sense of Current Trends

Working with your current partners and reading up on the latest affiliate marketing news certainly does its part with keeping you in the loop of the latest trends, but getting a true sense of where the industry is going can be found through conferences such as LeadsCon and Affiliate Summit.

Organizers are interested in booking marketers that can deliver speeches regarding the latest trends, and while it may not necessarily be the primary reason attendees go, it opens the door to more lucrative opportunities.

Opens Up New Ideas

Between who you’ll potentially meet, along with the dozens of speakers that attend Affiliate Summit and LeadsCon, many goers report that they leave the conference with a fresh perspective on growing their business and network.




Overwhelming Environment For Some

While having a lot of attendees can mean a wealth of opportunity, it also opens the door to feeling a little overwhelmed by just how much is going on. The seminars, parties, and open floor exchanges makes it so that planning and prioritizing ahead is quite necessary.

It should be stressed that such an environment is a good problem to have, but the success that you experience is contingent upon the level of preparation that you make beforehand.

Trustworthiness of Participants

Start talking to a participating company at either conference, and there’s a good chance that you’re dealing with someone legitimate. However, there is the possibility that someone vying for your business isn’t exactly the partnership you want to form. Shady companies can make their way into either conference where they aren’t as big as they say they are, or engage in practices you may not want to be a part of.

Remaining judicious and vigilant is an essential quality to maintain as you walk the floor at Affiliate Summit and/or LeadsCon.

Expensive (If You Wait Too Long)

As it goes for any conference, putting on such an event is not a cheap endeavor. The organizers of Affiliate Summit give a rather generous discount on attendees who register early enough – as low as $99 for the networking pass. On-site networking passes can run attendees around $449.

Then come the VIP passes, which provide a lot more amenities, but also come with a significant price increase. For ASE 2017, early bird rates for a VIP pass are $579 before May 17, $949 after May 17, and $1,249 for on-site purchase. This doesn’t include travel and hotel expenses.

As for LeadsCon, the story isn’t much different. Onsite pricing for a full conference pass can run up to $1,195. However, attends looking for something a bit cheaper might express interest in the Partnership Marketing Summit, which runs for $395 through online registration.

The Overall

Whether you’re a newcomer to the affiliate world or a veteran, conferences such as Affiliate Summit and LeadsCon will undoubtedly provide a level of benefits in further advancing your network and profile. Although the money you spend might make it seem that everything will be given to you, it’s important to stress that your own preparation determines the outcome.


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