April 25, 2016

Affiliate conferences worth checking out in May

As we discussed in our last post, it’s a big menu when deciding which marketing conferences to spend your money at. If you are looking to harbor some new connections this month, we have pooled together some events that you might find are worth your time.

While we are happy to spread the word about these events, we can’t guarantee that tickets will still be available before the date of the event. Check to verify ticket availability as you do your research.

Digimarcon East 2016 | May 12-13 | New York, NY


Strictly speaking, Digimarcon isn’t exclusively an affiliate conference. While the primary focus circulates around the latest in digital marketing practices and trends, it does serve as a great learning opportunity for getting the most out of your campaigns.

There will be master classes covering the latest in mobile consumerism (which is something you should already have in mind with your web properties), building a personal brand, content advertising, and more.

Digimarcon will also include ample opportunities for participants to network, including a TECHSPO session that exhibits the latest in the Internet of Things, wearable technologies, and more.

The conference in New York is part of a series of events that Digimarcon hosts around North America. Toronto will be home to Digimarcon Canada just one week after New York, featuring a similar lineup of events and discussions. If digital marketing is on your plate in 2016 and beyond, then registration might be worth it.

ShareASale ThinkTank | May 15-17 | Chicago, IL


ShareASale, an affiliate network based in the Windy City, has been hosting their annual ThinkTank every year since 2006. This three-day conference will give more than 100 affiliates/bloggers and 40+ merchants/retailers a chance to engage in educational sessions, networking, and most notably, one-on-one meetings between affiliates and merchants.

According to the event website, the one-on-one sessions are being extended this year due to popular demand.

Another aspect that makes ThinkTank stick out: the price. A $100 ticket (which covers meals and hotel stay) to a conference in America’s third-largest city sounds like a pipe dream, but ShareASale has made it a reality. Jump on this one if it’s not too late.

Performance Marketing Summit | May 15 | Chicago, IL


We’re not trying to make it difficult for you, but yes, there are indeed two separate affiliate-focused events starting in the same city on the same day. However, ShareASale ThinkTank will begin right after the end of this event, making it possible for attendees to get a taste of both during their stay.

Performance Marketing Summit is an Affiliate Marketing Summit sister event of sorts, and sticks out due to its unorthodox eight-hour time span. However, Performance Marketing Summit is packing quite a bit into these few hours.

Attendees can expect fast-paced, 18-minute talks from professionals such as Affiliate Marketing Summit founder Shawn Collins, Robbins Interactive founder Stephanie Robbins, and Fearless Revival founder David Dalka.

There is only room for 100 people for this event, so if ThinkTank is already on your plate, you might want to consider giving this a go.


Know of any other events happening in May? We want to know about them! Reach out to us on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and we’ll be sure to give your favorite conferences and events a mention. 


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