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Lead Generation

Increase quality sales activity
to your call center. Live call
tracking allows you to measure
results and ensure a positive ROI.

Lead Brokering

Monetize your call center traffic
with the confidence that your customers
will receive the highest level of service
from those that will represent you best.

Marketing Support

Achieve the marketing success
your organization needs to
thrive. Deliver results through
proven direct response tactics.

“buyCalls Improves Call Center Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction through
Integration of Cloud-Based IVR, Call Recordings and Reporting Analytics”

-Reuters 2013


Gaining unique insights into your brand, your competitors and the consumer environment allows our team to assess which promotional channels will generate the most calls. With our extensive knowledge and experience in monetizing traffic, we are able to get your product in front of the right consumers at the right time.


Keeping the channels of communication open between both clients and partners allows our team to respond quickly and efficiently to changes business tactics. With all of the potential compliance issues out there, buyCalls works to streamline processes so our clients can focus on developing new marketing programs instead of being bogged down by red tape. Not only do we connect with you, we also connect your product or brand to customers who are ready to buy in order to maximize your conversion.


Once projects are off the ground, the most important work begins. Whether it’s directory listings or SEO, no campaign is ever set on cruise at buyCalls. We constantly monitor traffic, calls, leads and sales to ensure that we are completely optimizing every opportunity for to increase net profits. With our extensive experience in lead generation, we know how to manage multiple programs and determine where to spend money to get the optimal ROI.


buyCalls is differentiated in the industry by detailed analytics that many firms overlook. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reporting is managed down to the most minute detail so our clients know the exact process of their campaigns and so we can properly monitor our partners in the process. Technology brings spectacular opportunity, but it can also bring a multitude of call center glitches. With the painfully close attention that is paid to reporting details at buyCalls, we catch many issues that other firms miss before they have a chance to impact the success of programs.




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